Mercedes explain surprise opportunity created by new F1 car

Mercedes have explained how the process of building their 2022 car has presented them with a perhaps unexpected opportunity.

Given the new technical regulations being introduced into F1 for the upcoming campaign, the teams have had to work differently to adhere to certain aspects of the car that have been changed. This includes alterations to the aerodynamics as well as new 18-inch tyres.

However, according to Hywel Thomas, the Managing Director of Mercedes-AMG High Performance Powertrains, one thing that hasn’t changed is the squad’s ability to continue to improve.

“Each year, when I look at the finished installation of the PU [power unit] inside the chassis, it always astounds and amazes me [to see] exactly everything that’s been fitted in and the way that it’s done,” Thomas said in the third part of the team’s ‘Road to 2022’ video explainer series.

“And I always look at it and think, ‘There’s no way we could do better than that’, and then every year we do it again. And once again, I think, ‘Crikey, there’s no way we could have done it better than that’.

“It’s just a great overall continuing iteration of making things better and better.”

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