Norris confirms pay rise as he completes Monaco move

Lando Norris is now officially a resident of Monaco, as he has completed his move to an apartment he bought in the Principality.

The McLaren driver has finished the exhausting process of moving homes, and now runs the risk of bumping into the likes of grid rivals and fellow Monaco residents Max Verstappen, Valtteri Bottas, and Lewis Hamilton while out doing his grocery shopping.

Purchasing the property towards the end of 2021, Norris will now base himself in his new home for the ’22 season.

“I have now moved into my mansion!” Norris joked with media, including, after he and McLaren announced a new, long-term deal that will see him stay with the British team until the end of 2025.

“[My] small apartment in Monaco… it’s lovely, I’ve got a nice view.

“I haven’t been there that much yet, I’ve been at McLaren a good few days now, and there was the Brit Awards and stuff [Norris presented the awards ceremony on Tuesday] and simulator day on the day before and things like that.

“But yeah, all moved in now, still have a few boxes to unpack and so on.”

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