Russell: Mercedes showing “motivation and fire” after 2021 F1 defeat

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He added that his personal focus this year will on improving his own performance and that and his car, while setting himself “micro targets” along the way.

Russell has been busy at the team’s Brackley factory getting to know his engineers and running the new W13 in the simulator, and he says he already feels comfortable in the camp.

“Because I spent so much time with the team prior to joining Williams in Formula 1 as a junior driver, I feel like I know everybody so well already,” he said in a Mercedes video interview.

“So we were just straight to business on the important bits and bobs, to understand the new car, to understand the challenges, and to try and prepare as best as possible for the season ahead.

“And I think following the conclusion of last year, there’s so much motivation and fire within the whole factory to bounce back. And that is incredible for me to see.”

George Russell, Mercedes W10 Mule Photo by: Steve Etherington / Motorsport Images

Russell says the 2022 cars are still so unknown for everyone, and the likely formbook still unclear, so he has to look at his own performance.

“My hope for 2022 is to really get the maximum for myself and the team around me. I think it’s going to be such an interesting year of development. And I think that’s truly where all the performance is going to be this year.

“But in terms of a result, I truly don’t believe you can put a value or target on that, because nobody knows where they’re going to be when they reach the first race.

“You have to have your micro targets on where am I going to improve on myself? Where am I going to improve on the car?

“And if you do every single aspect correctly you give yourself the best chance of reaching the obvious goal.”

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